Brainbow Truffles, Cacao Cashew Butter


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  • Traditionally, medicinal mushrooms are known to help keep your immune system in balance when it's under stress - but they are also prized for their innate ability to support cognitive function. Brainbow's chocolate truffles contain an expertly crafted blend of four functional adaptogenic fungi and herbs, resulting in a recipe specifically designed to promote mental performance. Chaga, Lions mane, Cordyceps,and Ginko Biloba.

    Brainbow's take on a classic - ready to deliver that perfect boost of focus when you need it most. May cause truffle vision and result in you knocking it out of the park.

    Rich cacao is perfectly enhanced by velvety cocoa butter and cashews, with powerful adaptogens to make it brilliant.

    Each package has two truffles in it!