Apprenti Eau de Parfum, West Indies


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  • Apprenti Organik 

    WEST INDIES- Eau de Parfum

    10ml bottle

    Made in Montreal

    100% natural unisex perfume made with the gentle, woody with a hint of pepper/ginger aroma of the Amyris. A small, bushy and evergreen tree native to Haiti where it grows wild. As it oil content is very high, native Haitians used to burn its branches like a torch to light their way, thus giving rise to its other name “Torchwood”

    This perfume evokes the smell of burnt Torchwood, a small omage to my ancestors. With a light opening of Bergamot and mandarin, the Amyris aroma share the stage with the smokey smell of cedarwood and is closed with a powdery earthy-rich notes of moss, wood.

    Tope notes: Bergamot, Mandarin

    Heart note: Cedarwood, sandalwood

    Bases notes: Amyris, Orris, Oakmoss

     Ingrédients/Ingredients: alcool pur/pure alcohol, huile essentiel/essential oils, plant absolute, floral hydrosols.

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