Blackbird Incense, Lone


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  • LONE Incense Capsule from Blackbird.

    SCENT NOTES: New Orleans moss, African bluegrass, fig, cedarwood

    A mature collection of moss specimens from the damp swampy forests of New Orleans, trapped in a box, individually tagged, identified and accounted for. Bright and alive, damp and ancient. 

    CONTAINS: natural bamboo charcoal, botanical extracts, essential oils, absolutes and isolates


    • burn time: 20 min approx. 
    • scent lasts 2-4 hours (medium size room)
    • metal lid may act as a burner
    • reusable and/or recyclable packaging 
    • travel-friendly 
    • handmade in Portland, Oregon


    • Capsule contains 26 cones

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